Thursday, May 18 has been removed from our audition schedule. Auditions will begin on FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017. All registrations received at Guild Headquarters after Friday, April 28 will be subject to a $16.50 late fee, per the Guild Syllabus (p. 23, paragraph 7). Please carefully follow the instructions on pp. 23-25 when enrolling and scheduling your students.

Thank you for so diligently preparing your students for Piano Guild auditions!

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2017 Audition Dates Announced

Dear Guild Members:

It’s January! That means that preparations have begun in earnest for Guild auditions. The dates for this year’s auditions are THURSDAY, MAY 18 through THURSDAY, MAY 25 (excluding Sunday)Please remember that any special scheduling requests must be made to Guild Headquarters on your enrollment card. Requests have a better chance of being granted when registrations are received early. I am only responsible for emergency rescheduling due to illness or extreme extenuating circumstances during the week preceding auditions. Be sure to check students’ testing schedules before requesting dates.

Enrollments must be received by Guild Headquarters by Thursday, April 27, 2017 (three weeks before auditions begin). Enrollment forms are available in your syllabus, as well as online at pianoguild.com. Be sure to follow the directions in the syllabus carefully as you prepare your students for auditions. Auditions will be held 9:30 am – 6:00 pm each day. Note: We will not hold auditions on Sunday this year.

Please plan again to monitor your own students or have a responsible parent or student monitor for you this year. There will be a facility monitor on hand during auditions to assist with facility needs, and I will be available by phone throughout the auditions.

New information will be available here as soon as I have it, so please check back for the most up-to-date news. I will also be posting information on the new Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/louisvillepianoguild.

If you have any questions, please email me at amydobben@gmail.com. Thank you so much for preparing your students for participation!

Amy Dobben, NCTM

Local Audition Chair, National Guild of Piano Teachers

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Louisville Welcomes Regina Hays Carnazzo

Our adjudicator for 2017 Piano Guild auditions is Mrs. Regina Hays Carnazzo of Omaha, NE.

A native Oklahoman and private Piano and Music Composition teacher in Omaha, Nebraska, Mrs. Carnazzo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance from Oklahoma State University, and a Master of Science degree in Education with cognate areas in piano, voice, and composition from Oklahoma State.  More information about Mrs. Carnazzo can be found on her studio site: http://www.carnazzopiano.com/


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What page of the syllabus?

  1. Classifications and entry fees: page 12
  2. How to complete the enrollment form: page 23
  3. How to interpret ratings: page 25
  4. How much time should I allot for each student: page 24
  5. Composition Contest information: page 27
  6. Entering duets/trios/quartets: page 6

What special classifications or programs does the Guild offer?

  1. Hobbyist Classification (no memorization required), p.5
  2. Duet/Trio/Quartet Classification, p. 6
  3. Jazz/Pop Classification, p. 6
  4. Ensemble Classification, p. 7
  5. Social Music Test, p. 7
  6. Bach Plaque, p. 8
  7. Sonatina Plaque, p. 8
  8. Sonata Plaque, p. 8
  9. Diplomas, p. 9
  10. Composition Contest, p. 27

What other student awards and honors does the Guild offer?

  1. The Guild Founder’s Plaque, p. 29
    Available to students whose Guild Audition program consists primarily of repertoire listed in Guild Repertoire Books. (see Syllabus for more information.)
  2. The Five-Year National Roll, p. 30
  3. The Ten-Year National Roll, p. 30
  4. The Irl Allison Gold Medal, p. 30 (15 years on National Roll)
  5. The Paderewski Gold Medal, p. 30 (10 years on National Roll – see also p. 40)
  6. Diplomas, p. 30
  7. Bach, Sonatina, and Sonata Plaques, p. 30
  8. Raissa Tselentis Johann Sebastian Bach (pre-college age advanced Bach), p. 30
  9. $200 Scholarships, p. 31

What awards and honors are available for teachers? (See pp. 31-32)

  1. Guild Teachers’ National Honor Roll
  2. The Hall of Fame
  3. The 50th Anniversary Club
  4. The American College of Musicians
  5. ACM Diplomas for Teachers
  6. ACM Certification for Teachers
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2016 Survey

Teachers, Parents, and Students,

Please help me in planning by completing a brief 10-question survey. Your answers will help make Guild auditions better in the future. Teachers, it is fine to forward this link to your students/parents so that they can complete the survey as well.


If you would prefer to give your feedback directly to me, or to address an issue that isn’t covered in the survey, feel free to contact me directly at amydobben@gmail.com.


Amy Dobben
Local Audition Chair

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2016 Final Preparations

Our 2016 Guild Auditions are almost here! This year’s auditions will run from Monday, May 9 through Monday, May 16. There will be no auditions on Sunday. Auditions will take place 9:30-6:00 Monday through Friday, and 9:00-5:30 on Saturday.

Auditions will again be held at the Sacred Heart School for the Arts at 3177 Lexington Road. Directions to the School may be found here. Auditions will be held in Angela Hall (building 17 on the map), on the second floor. Parking is available behind the building. Our adjudicator is Ms. Sherrye Coles.


Adjudicators request that all teachers observe the following:

  • Please study the syllabus as you are preparing your students, particularly with regard to Musicianship Phases and IMMT. There are several changes to the syllabus each year, and these are always marked with icons.
  • Please refer to the syllabus regarding scheduling students. Please request audition dates based on your students’ availability. It is helpful to know ahead of time if there is a block of time that you will not need (in the event a student drops out, for example). However, only in extreme circumstances (illness, injury, etc.) can students be rescheduled.
  • Bring 2 timetable schedules of your students (one for yourself/monitor, and one for judge)—it is helpful to include the audition time, student’s name, classification, and number of pieces. This will help the adjudicator stay on schedule within your allotted audition time. Audition Schedule Sample
  • Students are expected to use their own music during auditions. It is not necessary to erase marks. DO NOT USE PHOTOCOPIED MUSIC. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!! This pertains to lessons as well as auditions. Please do not teach from photocopies.
  • Please mark all music indicating composer and title. Post-it notes or slips of paper work well.
  • Please number the measures in each piece.
  • All report card/certificates should be filled out and in order of your students’ playing. They are to be given to the judge along with your schedule at the beginning of your allotted audition time.
  • Refer to pages 24-25 of your Guild Syllabus for more instructions regarding auditions.

As in the past, please plan to monitor your own students this year, or to have a responsible parent or student to monitor for you. If you should have any questions, problems, or concerns between now and the auditions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,

Amy Dobben, NCTM
Local Audition Chair, National Guild of Piano Teachers

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Enrollment Deadline Approaching

Just a reminder that the enrollment deadline for the 2016 Piano Guild Auditions is coming up! Enrollments must be received by Guild Headquarters no later than MONDAY, APRIL 18 to avoid late fees. (Late fees are $15 per student!)


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